Sunday, April 18, 2010


april oh april.

time flies too fast if i may say.
but if i should pick, i would pick this month as my favorite throughout the four months of 2nd semester that's almost done.

i can't deny that being a part of Mr and Ms PU competition is one of the best decision that i have ever done [ow, and thanks committee--for letting me be one of the finalists ;)]
i found so many joy and delight. every sessions with the finalists and committee were the best wasting time ever ;p

yes, there are lots of dramas. i don't need to mention each, but what's left now is that i don't feel any regret. i absolutely thankful that i could 'share' my self with them. i could laugh like an idiot with them. i could see how intelligent they were--and silly those smart people are ;p.
the most importantly--i missed those precious moments right after the competition is over :'(

the final night went great. people seemed happy and enjoy the show thoroughly. we all were having fun as always. i kinda surprised that i got into the 1st runner up, because the others were also so brilliant. but thanks so much god--i knew i would get what i deserve :)

what made me super proud was about the winners. yes! William Wijaya and Chrisya Sabaru are the new Mr and Ms PU. and guess what? they were my debate mates! i felt so honoured that i could experience sharing thoughts with the new ambasadors of PU. congrats guys :D you deserve it and i love you all bunch <3

well final exams start tomorrow. *sigh
i don't know why my intention isn't as high as usual.
just hope that my GPA won't be lower. AMIN.

i'll be home on saturday.
o God please help me to simplify these random thoughts and feelings.

anyway here are some pics from the final night.
and please please wish me luck for tomorrow :))

feel honored to be with them :)

hey friends, guess what? you all rock :D

my 2nd place partner;jangan tertipu sama tampangnya.hahaha

with my catwalk mate and dance mate; so glad that i did it with you guys ;)

i miss you all. i really do. :)