Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yes! Finally it happened!
The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson.

The man I've adored since I was 10 replied my tweet! I'm not joking. He sent it through his official Twitter account. Here, no picture means hoax right? I give you the picture just to make sure I'm not dreaming.

O well. You can't see it that well. Just go to his Twitter account; @TheRock. Go see it your self :)

I've been trying and trying to get this for like 5 months; since he made a Twitter account on February. I wrote him everyday and never get a single reply. Then on June 30 2011, I wrote him:

"I'm having a quiz in a minute and now secretly tweeting you cz I see you online! Can you please show me that you read it? Puhlease"

Then in two minutes, something happened. He replied:

Can you believe it?
Do you know how I feel? Goodness, words can't even describe it. It was surreal. It was like that moment when you got your first car, first kiss, first tattoo (not like I've ever gotten any of them, haha). It's just, amazing! I was speechless and can't believe that he really read my tweet and replied it even though his timeline is flooded with thousand mentions from his fans.

I know this is such a middle school attitude. You know where you're starting to have someone who inspires you so much. The thing about The Rock is, he's not just my idol, he's like a part of me and my life. I grew up watching him every week on that so called Smack Down show. Later on he becomes my inspiration to go to USA and guess what? I did it! As corny as it sounds, he made me want to go to USA so bad. Yes he did. Even though I haven't gotten that chance, but until now, that biggest wish of me meeting him is still safe in my heart and my mind. Someday, someway, I gotta be able to meet him and letting him know that he plays a big role in my life. I want him to know that he was my first and best English teacher.

Don't raise one eyebrow to me people, I don't see him as my God or anything. Its just he motivated me in so many ways. He caught my attention since I was in the elementary school, that's why he's like a heuristic element in me. I know it's bad adoring a person too much. No one is perfect. I'm sure he has his lack here and there. I'm just saying, he motivates me. If what I do leads to something good, it couldn't a bad thing to be such a huge fan, right?

What's on my mind now is, if I can get his reply, I surely can meet him one day :)


I was transferring some movies into my friend’s hard drive when I saw that one folder of ‘GLEE’. O yes, I know what GLEE is, of course. I’ve seen some of the episodes by accident a couple times. I’m liking the songs that they’ve been singing, so why not giving it a try and watch the whole first season?

I love watching series. Whatever the title is, I’m in. I do though have some that I prefer to watch; drama and comedy. When I’m thinking GLEE, I automatically compare it to High School Musical. Before I watch it, I don’t think there will be any difference. All those high school drama at typical American public school. The quarterback, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the weirdo, and how the complexity joints and finally there’s a platform to meet all them up; glee club! Hey, don’t get me wrong. I watched High School Musical like thousand times (okay, not that much). I do enjoy all the cheesy story packed in a not awesome-but fun musical, then in the end the kids will get the lesson and motivated to ... I don’t know; be them self, believe in them self, reaching dreams, you know all that. Yes, thank you Disney.

This weekend I got a chance to watch the first season of GLEE. Well, I didn’t watch the whole twenty something episodes all in one day. I skipped out some of the boring parts till I finally get the whole thing and whoosh... go straight to the last episode. I have this bad habit about watching series. Korean, Hollywood, anything, I can’t help but skip to the last episode. I know, it will ruin everything. It’s just, I can’t help it you know. It’s like this weird ambition of mine of predicting how the story ends and looking up whether my prediction is right or wrong at the last episode. Freak. I know.

So, what can I say about GLEE?

First of all, this is the most predictable series ever. O well, it’s not that hard to find out what’s going on and what will happen next. At first I don't get why people like it so much.

BUT THEN, I watched the episode where Rachel sings ‘The Only Exception’. O dear God, that’s it. Right there! Now I know why people; or mostly teenagers love it.

Yes, sorry guys, it’s all just that TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE STORY. When an average girl gets the heart of the most popular guy at school. Turns out this most popular guy also has the best heart. Ah, sweet isn’t it?

The sweet fantasy that lies in everyone about becoming a star. Who doesn’t want to be a star? If I watch this at my middle school age, wooow I’ll worship this. Why? Because it makes me feel good after watching it. It’ll pump up my adrenaline saying that there’s nothing that I can’t reach. Even if I’m the weirdest girl at school, there’s gotta be a super cute guy will wait for me at a show choir rehearsal and we sing Endless Love to each other.

On the contrary, that’s not how reality works, isn’t it? I’m not trying to be cynical here, I just talk about real stuff. Few things can’t be fixed just by singing and dancing about them. It also doesn’t make sense when they don’t prepare anything, all of a sudden they can sing and dance perfectly. Yes, I know I’m too hard on this. It happens when I’m watching Indian movies too. How they can dance and sing along where in the story they are JUST MET A FEW MINUTES BEFORE?

Okay, I think musical lovers are ready to slap me now.

Here, let me get this straight.

GLEE is alright. It's addicting. Its everything you wanted from a weekly drama musical. The songs are great; better than High School if I may say. I love the fact that they try hard on picturing “the impossible is impossible”. The lessons given are also worthy of your time watching it. I like how GLEE bluntly brings the audience to have different perspective about sensitive issues like teen pregnancy, gay right and bullying. The appearance of Josh Groban, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Newton Jones and Britney Spears are extra creadit too.

All in all, its fun. When you’re sort of sleepy while looking at the drama that’s going on, just skip to the rehearsal or performing part like I did. And that Cory Monteith guy is cute too; the way he can’t dance and acts plainly awkward makes him a lot cuter. I hope the not-so-hot-anymore gossip about him dating Taylor Swift will become true. Taylor will finally find the right guy after all that broken hearted songs she wrote. Of course if in reality Cory is as good as Finn in GLEE. So, happy watching!


@TheRock used to be the only celebrity I follow on Twitter. And now I'm also following Cory. Yes, I think I had a little crush on this @frankenteen :">